International Conference on Computational Techniques and Applications – ICCTA 2021

Best Paper Award(/s) will be given to the best paper(/s) for every session based on

  1. Presentation
  2. Quality of the work
  3. Contribution to science/technology
  4. Innovation and entrepreneurship

Academic and Research Excellence Awards:-

1. Award for Women Researcher/Scientist

2. Award for Academician Excellence

3. Award for Research Excellence

To be considered for the above three awards, the applicants are requested to provide the following information,

  • A brief resume (maximum two pages)
  • List of publication [Enlist only SCI (extended) indexed journals and international conferences]
  • Accepted ICCTA-2021 paper
  • Copy of acceptance at ICCTA-2021

Application Deadline :- September 25, 2021

Submission Link:-