International Conference on Computational Techniques and Applications – ICCTA 2023

International Conference on Computational Techniques and Applications (ICCTA 2023) invites full-length original research contributions from across the world. Full-length original research contributions and review articles not exceeding eight pages in the single-column format shall be submitted. The manuscript template is available in the Paper Template tab of Call for Papers.

Research manuscripts and proposals are invited on the following topics (but not limited to)

Track I: Computing in Network Security, AI, and Data Science

  1. Mobile and Cloud Computing
  2. Blockchain-based Computing and Cryptography
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  4. Natural Language Processing
  5. Data Structures and Networking
  6. Optimization Theory and Algorithms
  7. Pseudorandom sequencing systems
  8. Big Data Analytics

Track  II: Contemporary Issues in Electronics, and Communication Technology

  1. Semiconductor Technology
  2. Nano-electronics and microelectronics
  3. VLSI/ULSI Circuits and devices
  4. Signals and Image Processing
  5. Antenna and Electromagnetics
  6. Intelligent Communication and Optical Computing
  7. 5G and 6G Wireless Technology
  8. Wireless Sensor Networks
  9. Wireless Communication and Nanoantenna
  10. Bio-medical Electronics
  11. Plasmonics
  12. Flexible and Foldable Electronics and Systems
  13. Smart material and Metamaterial Electrochromism
  14. Quantum Computing and Green Technology

Track III: Intelligent Computing in Electrical Power, Control Systems and Energy Technology

  1. Intelligent Vehicular Technology
  2. Optimal and Adaptive Control
  3. Linear, Non-linear, and Robotic Control Systems
  4. Smart Grid Computation
  5. Renewable, Hybrid, and Green Energy Design
  6. Power Electronics and Drives
  7. Intelligent Electrical and Power System Design